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Choosing a theme

I have said it before and I will say it again…. Weddings should be personal. One of the best ways to personalize your wedding is to choose a theme that represents the both of you.

This can literally be anything…. A favourite band, a favourite tv show, favourite author. Once you come up with a theme… get your pen and paper (or your word document if you are anything like my husband) ready.

One of the best ways to personalise your wedding is to choose a theme that represents the both of you.


Name the tables after your favourite songs or albums. Maybe have artwork from their albums as a background on your design. Lets use Arctic Monkeys as an example…. I could name the tables after the band members, have the tables designs with an image of that band member and on the seating plan I could use a lyric and start with “I bet you look good on the dance floor… eat up first and when the sun goes down we will dance the night away”


There is so much you can do if you are theming after a TV show. Welcome signs, music, quotes… so so so much. Let’s use Friends as an example…. Have a welcome sign with the Friends logo and colour, maybe have “The one where “name” marries “name”. If it is a hot day, you can have fans laid out on the table with a sign saying “We are huge fans of Friends… here are some fans to keep you cool” – in terms of tables, you can name them after characters, episodes or even favourite saying (if you do choose this one…. Please put “He is her lobster” for the top table!


I love this theme and in fact used this theme for my wedding. love Shakespeare so me being me… I went all out. My friend sung the song “Kissing you” from the Romeo and Juliet movie. Every table was named after a play and on the place cards were my guest’s name as well as the character of the play – Had to not put Macbeth as no one wants to be Lady Macbeth. The centre pieces were old scroll with a feather and ink well and my wedding cake was the balcony with Romeo climbing up to his Juliet.


Marrying abroad is amazing and a great choice, however, sometimes it is nice to bring a bit of home to your wedding. Whether it is adding some tartan to your design or even put your football teams logo on the welcome sign… I have even named tables after different types of potatoes as the Groom was a potato farmer (I loved this original theme and know for a fact the guests would have found this very amusing)

Have a think, come up with a theme and if you need some inspiration, message me…. I love themes and tend to go a bit overboard (so you may need to reign me in)

Cherilee Richards

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