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Memorium Signs

Wedding Signs

Memoriam Wedding Signage are a thoughtful and personal way to remember your loved ones. Including a loved ones that are no longer with you can be very difficult. A personalised sign is a lovely heartfelt way to remember them during your celebration.

Here are some ways to use signage;

Wooden Sign: Have a lovely handmade sign made which could be placed next to their photo. It is also something you could take home as a keepsake.

Reserve a seat – Put a small “Reserved for those who could not be here!” sign or tag on a seat.

Small sign. – There are some lovely quotes out there that you can use. Maybe have the loved ones photo on the sign.

Looking for more inspiration? Have a look at more images of our Bespoke signs on our Facebook page. We have a great photo album there of signage that have been created so far – Memoriam Signs

Richie Roo Designs work with your colour scheme and wedding theme to make sure your Memoriam Signs fit perfectly with you and your wedding day. Based in Cyprus and will deliver these signs directly to your Wedding venue or Wedding Planner saving you space in your suitcase.

We work with most wedding planners and also approved suppliers to most venues throughout Cyprus. We are able to deliver to other islands such as Santorini and provide for many weddings in the UK.

If you have any questions regarding memoriam wedding signage or any other wedding signs, please contact us via our contact page above.

Cherilee Richards